Featured Phonographs—The Edison Co. [2018-01-29]

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Featured Phonographs—The Edison Co. [2018-01-29]

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Featured Phonographs

The Edison Co.

44ImageNorth American Phonograph CompanyClass Mmariof2009-12-13
87ImageNational Phonograph Co.ALVAAndersun2012-05-09
14ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.3-Cphonophan792009-04-20
48ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.A-150Valecnik2010-02-08
58ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.A-250Valecnik2010-07-25
5ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.A300 "Modern Renaissance" Circassian WalnutValecnik2009-02-15
59ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Amberola (A)-1Andersun2010-07-28
83ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Amberola 1AValecnik2012-01-04
18ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Amberola 30Paal19942009-05-16
10ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Amberola IIIAmberola 1-A2009-03-22
88ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.B-19 (Chalet)Victrolacollector2013-06-21
25ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.B-250brianu2009-07-05
80ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.B-80phonophan792011-09-25
15ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.C19Valecnik2009-04-26
19ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc."Home Model ""B"""Edisonfan2009-05-24
39ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.P-1 PORTABLE - Needle Typephonophan792009-10-11
4ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.S-19Edisonfan2009-02-09
72ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Special Army Navy Phonographbarnettrp211222010-11-16
73AImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Standard Class SAndersun2011-04-04
70ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Standard Model B with 2/4 min gearingantique19732010-11-01
26ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Triumph Model Abrianu2009-07-13
27ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.W250 William & Mary UprightValecnik2009-07-20
97ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.A-250Valecnik2014-01-18
98ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Edison Model C Standard for ICS520892014-02-02
100ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.GEM A (Drip Pan)Andersun2014-03-15
104ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.GEM Model A–3 (Third Style) French ConversionZwebie2014-07-08
105ImageNational Phonograph Co."Home Model ""A"" Suitcase"Andersun2014-08-10
115ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.A-425StL Bill2015-03-31
116ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Edison Standard B 2 Minute with Phonarm Attachment and Hawthorne & Sheble Hornphonohound2015-06-14
121ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Amberola IVValecnik2015-10-30
126ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Diamond Disc/Amberola "mock up"520892016/08/17
128ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Home Model B in custom home-made casefran604g2016/12/31
129ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.Triumph Model Ergordon9392017/01/07
133ImageThomas A. Edison, Inc.B275 Sheraton Inlaid Plaingregks2018/01/29
Note: Use the links above (with the exception of the Owner column) to view the thread where the particular machine was featured (and to discuss it there).