Exhibition reproducer lettering removed

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Exhibition reproducer lettering removed

Post by Artiebressan »

When I had one of my exhibition reproducers rebuilt last year it came back with the lettering removed. I would like to paint the letters back on. Has anyone done this? Any pointers on what paint to use/not use? How to proceed?

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Re: Exhibition reproducer lettering removed

Post by JerryVan »

Who would have done that ?!?!

Anyway, I've rubbed a white crayon over the surface, while pushing and "grinding" the crayon wax into the letters. Then, I lay out a terry cloth towel on a flat surface and then rub the reproducer face across it till the crayon rubs off the areas surrounding the letters. I've never had to do the whole thing though, just a touch-up of a few areas. Might also work well with a grease pencil.

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Re: Exhibition reproducer lettering removed

Post by Inigo »

Thanks for the idea...

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