Need help with a snow globe!

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Jerry B.
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Need help with a snow globe!

Post by Jerry B. »

I'm afraid Nipper soiled the water in his globe. He's a naughty pup. I need help separating the base from the globe. I tried heating with my heat gun and I was unable to separate the two pieces. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jerry Blais

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Curt A
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Re: Need help with a snow globe!

Post by Curt A »

It's supposed to be yellow snow... :lol:

Here is a series of snow globe repair videos, which may be of help... Good luck.
Snow Globe Rescue: ... 47Q/videos
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Re: Need help with a snow globe!

Post by AudioFeline »

Can you post a pic when the restoration is complete - I wasn't aware there were Nipper snow globes.

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