HMV dark blue 101 white marks

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HMV dark blue 101 white marks

Post by soundgen »

HMV dark blue 101 white marks caused by mold ? Any ideas on ameliorating or removing the marks ?
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Re: HMV dark blue 101 white marks

Post by Inigo »

Cleaning with some diluted vinegar (to kill mold) then repainting with a good shoe cream matching the color... But I'm afraid this is risky, irreversible, and if it doesn't match well, it is an added problem.
If the record tray is molded also at the back unseen side, - - - the lower square log is usually also covered with the same rexine by the bottom and the back sides - - - you d make trials in that parts, so if something goes wrong you'll never notice it. Also in the lid, at the part hidden by the record tray.

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Re: HMV dark blue 101 white marks

Post by JerryVan »

I agree with the diluted vinegar suggestion. Just try a small area with a cotton swab. Probably no need to soak anything. I would guess that just a moist application should do.

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Re: HMV dark blue 101 white marks

Post by nostalgia »

For the first time I tested a black leather paint on a HMV 102, that had white marks all across one side of the cover. Earlier I have used black shoe cream, with not so much luck on marks like on this machine. The leather paint covered all the marks totally, and blended in with the rest of the cover, actually it was impossible to see that the rexine on some areas had been newly painted. Unfortunately, there was no brand name on the paint apart from "Leather paint", and of course...mixing with the right blue color would be a challenge...but I was really surprised by how good this leather paint worked.

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