Edison Opera Automatic Brake

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Victor I
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Edison Opera Automatic Brake

Post by victorthesixth »

I got my hands one one that was in the original steel. I arranged to have it copper plated. What are some good techniques to put a brown patina on it.



Edit. I got some brown antiquing copper agent.
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Re: Edison Opera Automatic Brake

Post by JerryVan »

To create the original look, after the browning agent, buff small areas with a small buffing wheel, going down to the copper below, creating the original style pattern. Then clear coat it.

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Re: Edison Opera Automatic Brake

Post by PeterF »

Can you please post the details of this "browning agent" - maker, source, content, technique...and maybe a photo of the label?


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Re: Edison Opera Automatic Brake

Post by marcapra »

On my Opera, the shut off rod is fine, but the rubber bumper on the end wore off. It's about the size of a pencil eraser. Any suggestions for replacing that?

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Re: Edison Opera Automatic Brake

Post by rizbone »

Office supply stores used to sell erasers in small packages for mechanical pencils.

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Re: Edison Opera Automatic Brake

Post by phonopal »

A while back I have replaced mine with a piece of leather (same size as the ones used for Victor bullet brakes). Now I would most likely use black Sugru, a mouldable glue that turns into rubber within 24 hours.

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