Loose Columbia fiber gear

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Re: Loose Columbia fiber gear

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From what I can see, this is the common, later one. Is this fiber gear a Ron Stiko replacement? Or is it an old fiber gear? If this is an old gear, get a new replacement. The teeth look worn. Through the years, these old gears break, strip and crumble. I have repaired a great many of these motors. If this set up is not working, chances are you have the gear on backwards. The gear teeth have a certain orientation. I would put the gear with the teeth facing the opposite direction than what you have. If you need a replacement, then you will have the correct orientation. With a new fiber gear, I would have a permanent epoxy repair. I have motors with replacement fiber gears that are over 20 years hold and still hold strong. Once I find out if you have to replace the gear, I will tell you how to do the repair.
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Re: Loose Columbia fiber gear

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Harvey: It is not the common later one although completely interchangeable with those. This one I believe is found on early motors of this type. It differs in two ways from the later ones: (1) the set screw used to tighten down on the spindle is different and the position of this screw is different, and (2) there is no little notch for the fiber gear to set into. Those who have replaced the fiber gear with a new one will know of what I write.

However, it is completely interchangeable with the later fiber gear assemblies (i.e. fiber gear + beveled gear). I know this because I have pulled the original one out and inserted one of the later types. This is only temporary until I repair the original assembly. I believe I will go the epoxy route that Jerry initially proposed. I'm concerned that if I use shellac or hide glue, that those might fail and create worse problems.

Thanks to this latest machine, I now have three AHs all with different motors. Here is a picture of the latest one. I don't use GoJo. The traveling arm is original, the reproducer is the early type with a set screw, and the horn is original--always great to get early front-mount parts in good shape. The horn support arm, although cast aluminum, is a repro, at least I'm pretty sure of that. And the platter is a repro.

Thanks for all the input from everyone. The Forum really is a great resource.
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