Reproduction Fabrikoid?

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Reproduction Fabrikoid?

Post by Lucius1958 »

Does anyone know whether there is a source for reproduction Dupont Fabrikoid? The exterior of my Edison P-1 has pretty much lost all of its texture, and most of its color (besides having a slight tear on the lid). It would be nice if I could get it restored to a presentable appearance.


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Re: Reproduction Fabrikoid?

Post by OrthoFan »

None that I know of. There are some modern types of artificial leather that emulate the grain pattern and look of Fabrikoid/leather, such as:
SEE: ... rs=1&col=1


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Re: Reproduction Fabrikoid?

Post by VanEpsFan1914 »

Ratchford's leathercloth from England is almost identical. They used to make "Rexine" leathercloth years ago.

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