Nickel plating by NPS

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Nickel plating by NPS

Post by cleveland1996 »

Hi folks,

I have an original arm and reproduction yoke from a Duplex Phonograph that needed plating. The nickel on the original arm was completely gone and there was no other option. The reproduction yoke never had plating so it was time.. I thought that everyone might want to see the work that was done..Ron was a great guy and had a reasonable turn around time(approx 2 weeks).


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Re: Nickel plating by NPS

Post by VanEpsFan1914 »

Wow, two weeks? That's an excellent turnaround time. I nickeled a bunch of parts on a typewriter and it took me about a month as I had to buy chemicals, set up for everything, do tons of surface prep, spend time actually doing the plating and then polish it all one piece at a time by hand. Which (as it was an old-fashioned typewriter with a lot of metal on it) was a lot of polishing.

Your Duplex is going to be a fantastic machine. I hope everyone who's on the fence about having the plating done on their favorite phonographs can go ahead & do it as what you've got there looks sharp.

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Re: Nickel plating by NPS

Post by Lucius1958 »

Very nice work!

- Bill

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Re: Nickel plating by NPS

Post by cheryla »

what was the cost for this work.

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Re: Nickel plating by NPS

Post by JohnM »

I’m the guy who originally recommended Nashville Plating to the hobby. I first discovered them when having some banjo parts plated. Ron understands historic plating finishes, and can match anything. Great people to work with.
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Re: Nickel plating by NPS

Post by Inigo »

The original post author would do very good if he reposts that info onto the Links section of the forum, for further reference ;)

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Re: Nickel plating by NPS

Post by Bob »

I had nothing but trouble with Nashville Plating. I got an estimate for chrome plating a slot machine face plate and some other small slot parts. It was $500 and I went for it. The casting had pits all over it in 2 areas when I got it back. When I complained he said I obviously never restored anything before. He said that was the best he could do because it was pot metal. I explained the piece was cast iron and I was not happy. He should have filled the small pits and then plated it. I said I would pay for shipping both ways if he could do it right because it looked like crap. He said no. Now I am out the money and have to get someone to do it over. I would never recommend them.


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