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Darren J Wallace’s Antique Musical Box Restoration Hobby

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2024 12:30 pm
by phonospud
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Celebrating 40 years of expert restorations of antique music boxes, phonographs, and pre-1916 brass era automobiles.
I have a complete machine shop totally dedicated to the manufacture of impossible to find parts.

I do NOT keep stock of any parts. All parts are made to order by me in my own machine shop.

Parts for music boxes are available only with the restoration of your music box in our shop. New wheels and pinions, governor gears, cylinder repinning, perfect comb teeth repairs. Brand new endless screw shafts.
I manufacture fiber gears and other parts for phonographs when needed. Coin-ops, rare machines, I have blueprints and drawings for literally hundreds if not thousands of parts.
From Autophone to Zonophone and everything in between! ... tid=LQQJ4d