SOLD : Lambert Language Box and Records - $275.00.00

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SOLD : Lambert Language Box and Records - $275.00.00

Post by Shawn »

Today is offered something pretty rare. It is an original shipping case for the International Phonograph Language School of Chicago and it is filled with Language cylinders that are Lambert records.

Like other companies records, Lambert Cylinder Records were employed in teaching languages to the masses. Lambert language cylinder records are not often found, and I've never seen another original shipping box.

The set of records in the original shipping box is for teaching French, and appears to be missing a few numbers, but does have 19 Lambert Cylinder records.

The one cylinder in the bunch I played was announced as the International Phonographic Language School.
International 2.JPG
International 1.png
International 3.png
The price is $275.00 plus shipping, or this can be delivered to the Midwest EXPO with prior payment.

Thank you

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Re: FOR SALE : Lambert Language Box and Records - $275.00.00

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Thanks Todd

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Re: FOR SALE : Lambert Language Box and Records - $275.00.00

Post by Mormon S »

Phono+888 wrote: Sat May 14, 2022 4:05 pm Sold

Thanks Todd
Damn! I wash I was as quick as you :lol: :cry:

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Re: SOLD : Lambert Language Box and Records - $275.00.00

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That box is really cool.

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