SOLD: 4-Minute Indestructible & US Everlasting Cylinders

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SOLD: 4-Minute Indestructible & US Everlasting Cylinders

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I have 17 four minute Indestructible cylinder records and 7 four minute US Everlasting cylinders for sale in one lot. Condition is fair to good, I tested a few and they sound fine. Price for the entire lot is $65. Shipping will be actual cost via Media Mail. I prefer check or money order for payment. If lease PM for questions or commit to buy. Here’s the titles:
Indestructible records
3084 Blue Danube Waltz
3014 Where the Sunset turns…,
3240 A Talk on Married Life 2 copies
3418 Goodbye Broadway
3256 Remmicks 1912 Hits
3239 Whistling solo
3348 Where is my Wandering Boy
3093 Golden Wedding
3380 Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
3364 Holy City
3193 Preacher & Bear
3020 Arkansas Traveler
3409 Wailana Waltz
3361 La Paloma
3097 At a Georgia Camp Meeting
3070 My Old Kentucky Home

US Everlasting
1149 Only a Pansy Blossum
1053 Medley of Plantation Songs
1062 Hero Girl’s Dream
??? The Bell in the Lighthouse
1025 That’s Why I’m a Happy Married man
1191? To the Strains of the Wedding
1358 Where is My Wandering Boy

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