FOR SALE:Wurlitzer Model 60 Radio Wind-Up Phonograph INQUIRE

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Re: FOR SALE:Wurlitzer Model 60 Radio Wind-Up Phonograph INQUIRE

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gramophone-georg wrote: Thu May 13, 2021 7:43 pm Color me stupid, but I'm just not really understanding what all the hoopla is about. Seems "Marty" was upfront about just wanting to know approximately what one of these maybe is or is not worth. Seems that if it was some sort of a really valuable/ important artifact, he didn't want to risk "ruining" it with a restoration.

I don't see where he was "misleading"- at all. Vague, yes... but not misleading.

I DO want to say that if the machine posted on this page is the same one he posted on the previous one, it's a really nice job and being a family item since new, that makes it even better.

Ah iz cornfuzzled.

Marty seemed to have a good plan by not revealing immediately that the phonograph was restored at present, and I think he did a rather nice job repairing it & likely increased its value. But that is not so necessary here, considering he got his character attacked out of the blue. I did not see anything manipulative about that, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to know if potentially valuable antiques are worth money. Also, since he's not paying for an appraisal, then an appraisal or guess of the value would be free, so it's not like he is ripping someone off.

I think this sort of interaction is what turns people away from the antique phonograph hobby, and too many interactions like this will mean an end of the phonograph community. These things are eighty, ninety, up to a hundred and twenty years old-- Of course people now are going to find them a little curious or confusing; everyone who remembered them originally is DEAD.

At the North Carolina swap meet last November I watched a guy get almost physical with rage because I said I collect record players (instead of saying phonographs) and because I said I had a Graphophone, which is a word he says doesn't exist. Odd, because every Graphophone I've owned has had that word in inch-high capitals stuck on the side of it. This was an extreme case but it's where collectors go when we let go of the old propriety and restrict ourselves only to old property.

It's totally understandable that being ripped off is stressful--but I really do not think that is what happened here.

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Re: FOR SALE:Wurlitzer Model 60 Radio Wind-Up Phonograph INQUIRE

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JerryVan wrote: Thu May 13, 2021 7:13 pm
JerryVan wrote: Tue May 11, 2021 4:24 pm For various reasons, folks here don't always want to do appraisals.
... and this would be one of those reasons. :roll:
To be clear. I was not picking sides here. Just commenting on how discussions of value sometimes get out of hand.

Martin did a very nice job restoring a family heirloom. Happy to see it being appreciated!

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Re: FOR SALE:Wurlitzer Model 60 Radio Wind-Up Phonograph INQUIRE

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Quite a difference and now much less chance that it'll end up on the curb when so many family heirlooms end up in a dumpster.
Well done!

I find it humorous how many times folks will bemoan the turning of a VV-X into a wine bar on one post and then in another tell a person that their VV-X is worth nothing. You can't please all the people all the time but it looks like you've now got a very cool focal point in your house that will certainly be a conversation piece and bring some nostalgic feelings to those who visit. Perfect around the holidays!

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Model 60 Schematic needed

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Does anyone know where I can get a schematic, alignment procedure etc. for the Wurlitzer Model 60?

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