SOLD: Columbia Coin-op repro top case- BS, AS, etc. $165

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SOLD: Columbia Coin-op repro top case- BS, AS, etc. $165

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Many years ago I needed a top case for a BS coin-op. I had a woodworker friend make up a couple for me. I gave him an original one to copy. I used one and have this one left.

He did a pretty decent job. I specifically had him leave the top and side panels blank-- no holes drilled for horn post, coin chute, crank, etc. This can be used on other machines than the BS. Base measures, 14 ⅛" long, 8 ¼" deep and 6 ¾ tall at the back. It's got the slots for the side glass and the piece to clamp in the curved glass (No glass included.)

I'll also include a 2nd back panel cut out for glass insert (glass included). Some Coin-ops had solid backs-- Some had back glass.
It will need a little sanding and final fitting on the inside surfaces, but really won't be much work to get it ready to use.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions or make offers. First to say "sold" - $165 plus shipping
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