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Several great items ready for sale in the new year!!!

Originally on Brunswick label, Eddy Duchin's 1938 release of the Louis Armstrong hit "Ol' Man Mose" with vocal by Patricia Norman caused a huge scandal. In recordings, the lyric "bucket" is often heard as "f**k it." It is truly unclear which Patricia is saying, but there is laughing in the take. The "scandalous" lyrics caused the record to zoom to #2 on the Billboard charts and ruined Patricia's career!!!

This is 4-minute cylinder created directly from an one of those original 1938 Brunswick records. Produced in very small quantities, this is the last one available for sale. No more will be made. Price - $90.00 SOLD
This brand new 2-minute Blue Amberol comes from the amazing work of Norman Bruderhofer. It is the spoken word of Porfirio Diaz, President of the Republic of Mexico to Thomas Edison. It was recorded in August 1909, but never officially issued as a cylinder by Edison.

Here is a chance to get a "new" 2-minute blue amberol, commonly issued in Mexico, but exceedingly rare to find today original. Price - $75.00 SOLD
Issued on Everlasting 7008, Yankee Doodle Boy was an iconic hit for Billy Murray. Here we have an original Electrophone record, produced in the 1980s that reproduces this record with stunning clarity and response. An outstanding example. These records are highly sought after and have not been produced for many years. Price - $55.00
Two Vulcan records. The Vulcan team have produced wonderful super high quality reproductions of great records. Here is your chance to purchase one or two new copies of great titles from Vulcan, paying US, not international shipping. These are stunning records and I would encourage you to check out all of Vulcan's offerings. They are a fantastic company.

116 Bachelor's Button - Sousa's Band - I don't believe this one is being sold on the website any more. Price - $25.00SOLD
123 Star Spangled Banner - Edison Military Band. Price - $25.00SOLD

All items are plus shipping.

Contact me at with interest.

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