FOR SALE : MACHINE BINDING POSTS - $15.00 a set Shipped

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FOR SALE : MACHINE BINDING POSTS - $15.00 a set Shipped

Post by Shawn »

For sale today are a set of early binding posts . These are used on early Phonographs, Radios, Batteries etc.

These are nickel plated brass binding posts. They are complete with a brass bolt and washer. Screwed completely down they are 9/16 inches tall, above the panel, and the tops are ⅜ inches in diameter.

These are great to set up battery for your phonograph, or complete your phonograph.
Binding Posts.jpg
I have multiple of these sets so if you want more than one, let me know.

The price is $15.00 per set shipped anywhere in the contiguous US.

Contact me with interest at

Thank you


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