Found: Fibre gear for Columbia BI

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Found: Fibre gear for Columbia BI

Post by dzavracky »

Does anyone have one for sale or can point me towards a parts supplier who would? My BI has sat on the table for over 3 months, and I am really tired of looking at it and not being able to use it. I am finally done with school so its time to fix it :lol: .



(Thanks Brad)
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Re: Wanted: Fibre gear for Columbia BI

Post by Curt A »

It seems like someone made replacement brass gears, but I'm not sure who...
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Re: Wanted: Fibre gear for Columbia BI

Post by oliver »

A number of years ago, I was able to purchase a new fiber gear from APSCO (antiquephono dot com). Not sure whether they still carry them today but you may want to give them a try.

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Re: Wanted: Fibre gear for Columbia BI

Post by outune »

PM sent-

Brad Abell

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Re: Wanted: Fibre gear for Columbia BI

Post by ColoradoPhonograf »


There was someone who made nylon replacements for many years. These were superior in performance to the old fiber gears of 90 years ago. I don't recall who offered them, but that is the way to go.


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