FOR SALE: Herzog Cylinder Cabinet Shelves $36

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FOR SALE: Herzog Cylinder Cabinet Shelves $36

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I have a fellow collector friend who lives nearby and is on our Forum here. He purchased a Herzog 710 cylinder cabinet "Half barrel". The shelves were missing from the doors. We kicked around observations about how many of these cabinets are found missing their shelves. We came up with the idea to get some made for his cabinet. But if you can get a pattern and get a machine set up you might as well make some others available to other collectors as well.
With the grateful help of descriptions and photos from George Paul and an actual traced pattern from John Duffy, I have these shelves available for either the doors or the inner cabinet shelves. This style is for the shelves that utilize the wire support rod from the backside of the door to the shelf.
These are made from ¼" Birch plywood which slide into the groove in the backside of the door. Once orange shellac is applied it should be an exact duplicate of an original shelf. The door shelves hold 27 cylinder pegs, the inner shelves hold 33. The inner shelves are 16" wide. If you have a cabinet missing shelves, here is the opportunity to complete it and get those cylinders into a safe cabinet space to enjoy.
I have these available for $36.00 each, for both the inner or outer shelves of the half barrel cabinet. They are recessed (1 ⅝" outer diameter) for the cardboard pegs to be glued in. One photo shows how a replacement peg would fit. If you have interest send me a private message. Shipping will be additional at actual cost. No shipping outside the U.S. I do not do PayPal or Venmo, a good old fashioned check works fine.
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Re: FOR SALE: Herzog Cylinder Cabinet Shelves $36

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These look fantastic! I am excited to finish off my cabinet now. Thank you.

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Re: FOR SALE: Herzog Cylinder Cabinet Shelves $36

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I received the cabinet shelves for my Herzog 710 cylinder cabinet last week from Darold and I am very pleased with them. Each shelf is made with attention to detail and each shelf fits perfectly into my cabinet. Kudos to Darold for making and offering these shelves to those of us who need them and at a very reasonable price. Also, a big shout out to George Paul for his gracious help in my search for 710 shelf support rods for my cabinet. It is through the help of wonderful people like Darold and George that the we can continue to enjoy our passion for collecting. On a side note, I ordered a set of listening tubes from George so that I might finally hear some of the many early brown wax cylinder home recordings in my collection that I have found over the years. Some of which were recorded at a very low volume. I received my set in the mail yesterday and I tried them out this morning on one of the home recordings I have here. The difference between listening through a horn and the listening tubes is amazing! Details that I could never hear in those grooves through a horn are now audible! Thanks again guys!


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Re: FOR SALE: Herzog Cylinder Cabinet Shelves $36

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You're very welcome, Doug - - happy to help.

George P.

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