Artists who recorded under different names

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by drh »

Mario Chamlee recorded as “Mario Rodolfi” and John Charles Thomas as “Enrico Martini” on vertical cut Lyric.

Emilio de Gogorza had a bunch of noms de disque, including Signor Francisco, M. Fernand, and Herbert Goddard.

Arthur Middleton also appeared as Edouard Mittlestadt on Edison.

Those just off the top of my head.

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by zipcord »

Robert Johnson aka Woody Paine - classic!

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by dennis »

In case you didn’t see it, here are scores of pseudonyms:

See “Performers Who Doubled Up”. From Jim Walsh’s FPRA: ... 1/mode/2up

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by neilmack »

As well as recording under her own name, Florence Foster Jenkins also recorded as "Madonna", "Cher" and, when she was having an off day, "Lady Gaga".

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by Inigo »

:D :D

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by epigramophone »

The Australian soprano Violet Mount (1875-1972) appeared in the UK from 1907 wearing a mask and billed as "L'Incognita".
She recorded under that pseudonym for Zonophone, and Fred Gaisberg remembered her as "a first class artist with a very pleasing and graceful stage presence."
There was much speculation as to her true identity, which remained a mystery for many years.

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by Governor Flyball »

One of my all time favorites was Irving Kaufman. He started with Edison and after he stopped recording for Victor in 1922, he sang for many companies under a wide array of pseudonyms.

Tim Gracyk penned an excellent piece of which a portion is copied here:

In the 1920s Kaufman's records were sometimes issued under the pseudonyms Frank Harris (on Columbia discs), Noel Taylor (Okeh), George Beaver (also Henry Beaver--numerous small labels like Banner), Pete Killeen (Pathé, Perfect), Brian Watt, Marvin Young, others. Columbia files show that for Harmony he adopted the pseudonym "Confidential Charlie" for songs performed in the crooning style of Whispering Jack Smith.

Kaufman reported years later that the major companies gave permission for him to record for smaller firms as long as pseudonyms were used, and Kaufman rarely knew at the time he attended a session what pseudonym would appear on a label afterwards. Jim Walsh writes in the November 1962 issue of Hobbies that when Kaufman's wife would ask, "Well, who are you going to be today--George Beaver, Frank Harris, or who?" the reply was, "What do you care, as long as the check is made out to Irving Kaufman?" Kaufman himself said in a 1974 interview published in John and Susan Edwards Harvith's Edison, Musicians, and the Phonograph (Greenwood Press, 1987), "I had so many different voices that half of the time my wife would say, 'Who are you going to be today?' I would say, 'I won't know until I get to the studio.'"

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Re: Artists who recorded under different names

Post by edisonplayer »

Vaughn De Leath recorded as Angelina Marco on Harmony.I have her on Radiex,but I forget what pseudonym she was under.edisonplayer.

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