"Hints to Victor Salesmen" record

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Re: "Hints to Victor Salesmen" record

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The handwritten info on the label area was transferred to the mother and stamper as they must have used ones that allowed for it, full-size stampers as opposite to the latter stampers that had removed the central label area. In HMV records this was common until mid-twenties and maybe later. Some HMV pressings of US Victor recordings carried this info too. The technology and uses when making stampers changed several times along the years. Other times, when the record was pressed, the label area was pressed more deeply, with a ridge in the border, and those deleted that info. It was also common that test pressings in small runs were done in manual presses using full size stampers, and these usually show that handwritten info, while the whole run of commercial pressings of the same record were further processed and the stampers didn't show that handwritten info because of the shape of the stampers used or the pressing processes used in the commercial run.

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Re: "Hints to Victor Salesmen" record

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I remember seeing in an auction a 7" version of the juvenile speech. It had the boy on one side and girl on the other. It was made about the same time before Victor did them commercially.

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Re: "Hints to Victor Salesmen" record

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Zenger, just to follow up…can you please find the time to record each side of this record (easiest way is on a smartphone) and post it here, or send it to me so that I can? Thanks.

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