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Permarec Records

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I have read that Permarec Records (for recording) were introduced in Britain in late 1933.

1. Does anyone know if they could actually have been available during 1932 either in Britain or the USA ?

2. Were they available in the USA at all and if so from when ?

I ask because I have acquired one of these discs which may (probably doesn't) have Oliver Hardy starting to sing a live comedy duet with a lady on stage. It sounds like a Scottish compere called 'Sandy' something introduced them both. I cannot make sense of her name though.

I am thinking that if the records were available in Britain in 1932 then it might relate to the Laurel and Hardy Edinburgh tour in 1932 - and if these records were available in the USA then maybe it could have been recorded later.

Thank you for any help you can give about this and I hope this makes sense.

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