Database Migration

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Re: Database Migration

Post by FellowCollector »

fran604g wrote:Thank you for the update, David. I appreciate it, and am happy to hear your friend is doing better. I hope he can make a quick and full recovery!
^^^^ +1 for me as well, David. It's great news to hear that your friend is improving. Thanks for your efforts to help make things better here on the Forum especially considering everything else that you have going on.


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Re: Database Migration

Post by krkey1 »

I am glad your friend is doing better.Thanks for all you are doing.

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Re: Database Migration

Post by Inigo »

Thanks David MordEth, and the warmest of hopes for you and your friend. I hope he will cross through this hard times sound and safe.

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Re: Database Migration

Post by MordEth »

Thanks again to everyone for wishing my friend get well soon. Hopefully as long as everything goes well, he should be out in a few days, although they want to send him for rehab, which ideally would be on an outpatient basis.

Back on the original topic, as of last night, the database is now properly running on the new database server and my tickets with the hosting provider appear to be resolved. If the site throws an error message or is very slow to load/post/etc., please let me know the time. I DO NOT need a screen shot of the “white” screen or server 500 errors if it does either. Just let me know when.

But from my random testing the site seems quite a lot more responsive so far.


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Re: Database Migration

Post by fran604g »

Thank you David. Things on my end are running much smoother and quicker. I checked my PMs and Posts features, and they're doing perfectly now.

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Re: Database Migration

Post by phonosandradios »

Same here. It seems the problem is sorted :)

Thanks David.
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Re: Database Migration

Post by gramophone-georg »

Been great here all day too- better than in quite some time. Hope I didn't curse it now.

Thanks for separating the records out into its own classifieds section too.
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Re: Database Migration

Post by mtb8 »

Everything is working great for me, too. Thank you, David and I hope your friend gets well soon.

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Re: Database Migration

Post by audiophile102 »

Thank you David. I was happy to donate to the maintenance of the site and I hope a lot more people do too. My wife had an event last year that brought her into rehab. It was very painful and she cringes when ever we drive past the facility. Best wishes for your friends speedy recovery.
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Re: Database Migration

Post by LT580ZX »

I use your system all the time and never realized you could donate to it. So the discussions regarding the problem made me aware of that and I donated today. Thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work. You have one of the best systems going.

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